My top 10 most used baby items

With this being my third baby, I have tried numerous products through trial and error (basically the summary of parenting). So I created a list of items that have been absolutely necessary for survival with three kiddos under 6.

  1. DOHM white noise machine : This thing is a gem. My sister in law told me about this when we were having a hard time keeping our oldest quiet during nap times. It drowns out noise going on in the rest of the house without being too loud. You can adjust the sound volume too. P.S. These do go on sale for about $35 a couple times a year. If you’re one of the lucky ones SNAG IT.


2. Ergo 360 : I adore this and used it from when my son was 10 pounds to about 20 weeks of pregnancy with my next baby (He was about 30 pounds). I felt as though it was comfortable on my shoulders and lower back with its thick padding. I love how I can snuggle baby chest to chest and then turn them around when they get a little older. Love my little baby backpack as well 🙂

baby carrier

3. Rock n’ Play Sleeper : I have no idea how any mom can live without this. My babies slept in this for at least the first three months of their lives. It makes nursing so much easier having this right by your bed! They also make one that SELF ROCKS now. Amazing.

4. DockAToT : For use when baby can’t roll around yet. Its like a safety cloud for baby to take a little cat nap or when you need to set baby down to help the older ones! For a limited time you can get $10 off HERE!









5. Aden + Anais burp cloth/bib : I love the fabric of these! They don’t trap that spit up smell after you wash them and you get double the use as a bib!

6. Honest healing balm : This stuff is the balm (heheh). But seriously you can use it for anything and everything. I’ve used it for sore booty, cradle cap, heat rash, dry lips, face, hands, feet, legs (get it?) K. Some people use coconut oil but I feel like this absorbs better? And it lasts a long time. I even used this as rash cream with my cloth diapers and never noticed any staining or absorbency issues after.

We also use the Honest diaper service where they deliver diapers and wipes right to your door! They often offer promotions for up to 40% off your first bundle. Awesome deal. Their diapers feature cute prints, are eco friendly, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

7. Britax B-ready stroller : If you plan to have more than one child this is the stroller that’ll last you through them all! You can add a tandem seat to the back, switch the front seat around and attach an infant carrier to it. So many options. It’s easy for me to fold and maneuver too. WIN.

8. Nursing bras and a good pump : Even if you don’t plan to nurse long term, these two will help a sister out. Your boobs get huge and they HURT so having a soft nursing bra like this or this does wonders. Also, many insurance companies now offer FREE breast pumps with your new bundle of joy so why not take advantage? It really helps alleviate any discomfort you feel in the first couple of weeks/you can stock up some perfect food for your babe- I use Medela  because thats what my insurance covered and had great success!

9. Some sort of soft wrap type baby carrier : Solly wrap or NuRoo concept. I use these before baby grows into the Ergo 360. These are ESSENTIAL if you have two or more children. It enables baby to be close but you have two hands to use at the same time. Im going to get a NuRoo this time around for sure! They didn’t have them when I gave birth to my son but I wish they did. The concept is awesome. Its a shirt/carrier for newborns with easy access to food 😉

10. Summer Infant baby monitor : Can I just point out how lucky we are to be able to view our children while we lay in our beds in comfort? Long gone are the days running back and forth risking waking up our ticking time bombs. I registered for another camera so I can still monitor my two year old at all times because Motorola allows you to view multiple kids on one screen! I still have extreme paranoia in the early weeks but thats usually why baby sleeps near us then. Speaking of, has anyone used the new Owlet or something similar?? Im so curious to know how you like/dislike them?


So there you have it! Products I can’t live without. Please comment with any baby products you love! I love learning about new products!

xoxo BP


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