Birth Story // Emmy

Im back and it feels so good!

After about a month of emotions & having a newborn #momlife, I am ready to blog and be myself again!

Let’s start with February 27th around 3pm….

I went to the doc to see what the heck was going on and why I was 6 days over my due date with my third babe. I was uncomfortable, emotional, tired, and ready to meet my boy/girl 🙂 My doc told me my cervix was completely thinned out & that baby was so low in my pelvis that my actual cervical opening was BEHIND the baby’s head. Meaning they could not strip my membranes. I could give birth at any moment if I would just contract, which I wasn’t.  I had so much anxiety about getting induced because i have heard basically every horror story about it. So when my doc suggested I get induced the next morning I couldn’t help but cry and feel like my body had failed me. I knew baby was getting bigger by the minute and healthy enough to be here but i couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by that decision. I felt like I was making God’s decision for Him because the baby should come in His perfect timing. I made the appointment for my induction at 6am the next morning and went home to discuss with the hubby. I prayed and prayed I would feel some peace about it all when I got to him. Of course my hubby talked some sense into me and made me feel safe, which he always does and we decided that at 6am we would head to the hospital as scheduled.

Surprisingly I got a decent night’s sleep, drank a protein smoothie and away we went. I was oddly calm & at peace. Upon arriving to the hospital I had this erie feeling. My previous deliveries were very rushed and chaotic. With my daughter I went into labor exactly a week overdue, labored 12 hours and she was here. With my son, I started having contractions and he was here in 6 hours-very quick and such a whirlwind. But with this baby I felt like everything was so evenly paced, planned, and just out of body to me. The nurse basically told me to get naked and get my pitocin going. I wanted to start out very very slow and our nurse was great and listened to everything I wanted. An hour later the doc came in to check me and said he could break my water right then. I didn’t want to go from 0-60 so fast so I opted to contract for a little while longer. After about four hours total I was in quite a bit of pain and asked for my epidural. They then broke my water & about 30 minutes later I was ready to deliver! I pushed about three times and Miss Emmy was born February 28th at 2:47pm! My hubby was the first to announce “ITS A GIRL!” & we were so so happy to see how healthy and sweet she is. God made her so so perfect. She came out nursing and wanting her mama immediately.

We wanted to get out of the hospital asap once they did all the necessary tests on Emmy so that she could meet her big sister and big brother at home! They were instantly obsessed with her!

Moral of the story: God always provides and keeps his promises. My anxiety and stress was met with calm & a beautiful birth story. I am so so thankful for our healthy baby girl!

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