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Call me controversial but I have never been one to co-sleep with any of my babies. The reasons being: A. For me, there was never a safe way to do it. B. I could never live with myself if something were to happen to my baby. C. I just cannot sleep well that way.


With that said, we decided to try a DockAtot since they preach safe and comfortable co-sleeping & I must say I LOVE IT. I exclusively breastfeed and with a newborn- I do it A LOT throughout the night. My DockATot makes nursing at night a lot easier and safer. When I’m done feeding I can set her in the DockAtot to sleep near me without getting out of bed and can go right back to sleep! I also set her in it during the day when I need to run to the bathroom and don’t have to worry about her rolling off the bed.


dockatot review


dockatot review


dockatot review

Such a  little sweetie pie 🙂

A few more perks:

-The beautiful design goes well with my decor.

-Its handmade from 100% all natural, breathable cotton so baby doesn’t get too warm or cold.

-DocATot makes a really neat “Grand” version for toddlers to help with bed transitions & make a cute little reading “boat” for them to lay in.

I am so happy with my DockATot and I wish they would have had this product when I gave birth to my first two babies! This would have made my life so much easier as a nursing momma!


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xx BP

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