Emmy’s First month // the fourth trimester

Where on this earth did the month of March go? I literally don’t remember half of it #momlife.

I have been so MIA – but what have we been up to at the Perrine household you ask? Here’s a little run down:




-First of all, bringing home a newborn equals zero sleep. I definitely love my sleep especially in consecutive hours. This whole two hours here, one hour there is really starting to wear on my sanity. I have felt so much guilt because my older two (&my hubby) are really getting the short end of the stick these days. I am like a nocturnal bat. The kids have been living off of pop tarts, (I NEED to point out that they are organic for judgement purposes) granola bars, and pirates booty basically- I don’t think they mind. My husband has been the biggest help EVER with them. I have no idea how we would eat, bathe or live without him being here. Thank you dear!

-Feeding a newborn is also full time job- they call it the first trimester for a reason- Some days she literally doesn’t leave the boob a single time. Sheesh laweesh two was a lot easier than three!

-We had A LOT of visitors this past month who came to see Emmy: Ma K, Aunt Cailin, our AMAZING photographer & friend Danielle, Aunt Rachel, Grandpa Bob, Honey, Nanna, & J Paw. They were all a huge help and I can’t thank them enough. It really does take a village people!

-Costco is the only place Ive been in the past 30 days…

-I am saving a ton of cash on makeup, clothes and basically all the things because I ‘aint got no time for that.

-Having a new baby actually gets very very lonely. I have to take a break from all of the normal activities to keep baby healthy & its just a major hassle leaving the house right now to where I would rather just stay home. Being a stay at home mom is exactly where I want to be  for sure-BUT there are no other adults around to talk to & lets just say sometimes I go a little bit crazy m’kay? I also want to point out to any new mommies that this feeling is completely NORMAL after having a baby. Your hormones are nuts and the free time you used to have vanished into thin air. Give it time! I really need to take my own advice sometimes….

-With all of that said, I really am loving Emmy in her newborn stage. She always wants her mommy, she’s a great snuggler, and her itty bitty features are just the most precious ever. I know ill look back in three months and think “where did my tiny girl go?”




-She is starting to gain some thigh and neck rolls. Emmy gained a whopping 22 oz in two weeks at her last appointment! She loves to eat. However, she is such a fast eater that its giving her some gas issues. Poor baby.

-TMI? But I also have a super fast/forceful let down when she eats and her little bitty booty just can’t keep up at this age. We have tried all of these acrobatic new nursing positions & keep her elevated for a while after eating. It has all seemed to help!

-She had a random 5 hour screaming fit a couple days ago that was AWFUL. No one wants to see their baby in pain and not be able to fix it. So I took her to the chiropractor, got some gripe water, started probiotics, and even tried that nifty Windi product that basically forces gas out of their booty hole. As for me, I cut out dairy in my diet to see if it will help her. Im still not convinced that diet affects a nursing baby to that extent but whatev. I actually got a lot of advice on what NOT to eat while nursing and it left me with a diet of crackers, water, and fruit hahha. Soooooo unrealistic and silly if you ask me.

-Her big brother worships the ground she…lays on… he is getting those wonderful two year molars and has been a BEAR to everyone except her!

-Big sister is a little mother and is extremely helpful with baby Emmy while giving lots of smooches.


Terrible mother alert: I still don’t have a baby book or announcements done for her yet!! Any recommendations would be super helpful!!


I promise I won’t bore you with the details of each and every month of our lives going forward! Just wanted to update friends and family who we haven’t seen/talked to in a month!


xx BP


I’m just gonna leave these right here….





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