• Emmy’s First month // the fourth trimester

    Where on this earth did the month of March go? I literally don’t remember half of it #momlife.

    I have been so MIA – but what have we been up to at the Perrine household you ask? Here’s a little run down:




    -First of all, bringing home a newborn equals zero sleep. I definitely love my sleep especially in consecutive hours. This whole two hours here, one hour there is really starting to wear on my sanity. I have felt so much guilt because my older two (&my hubby) are really getting the short end of the stick these days. I am like a nocturnal bat. The kids have been living off of pop tarts, (I NEED to point out that they are organic for judgement purposes) granola bars, and pirates booty basically- I don’t think they mind. My husband has been the biggest help EVER with them. I have no idea how we would eat, bathe or live without him being here. Thank you dear!

    -Feeding a newborn is also full time job- they call it the first trimester for a reason- Some days she literally doesn’t leave the boob a single time. Sheesh laweesh two was a lot easier than three!

    -We had A LOT of visitors this past month who came to see Emmy: Ma K, Aunt Cailin, our AMAZING photographer & friend Danielle, Aunt Rachel, Grandpa Bob, Honey, Nanna, & J Paw. They were all a huge help and I can’t thank them enough. It really does take a village people!

    -Costco is the only place Ive been in the past 30 days…

    -I am saving a ton of cash on makeup, clothes and basically all the things because I ‘aint got no time for that.

    -Having a new baby actually gets very very lonely. I have to take a break from all of the normal activities to keep baby healthy & its just a major hassle leaving the house right now to where I would rather just stay home. Being a stay at home mom is exactly where I want to be  for sure-BUT there are no other adults around to talk to & lets just say sometimes I go a little bit crazy m’kay? I also want to point out to any new mommies that this feeling is completely NORMAL after having a baby. Your hormones are nuts and the free time you used to have vanished into thin air. Give it time! I really need to take my own advice sometimes….

    -With all of that said, I really am loving Emmy in her newborn stage. She always wants her mommy, she’s a great snuggler, and her itty bitty features are just the most precious ever. I know ill look back in three months and think “where did my tiny girl go?”




    -She is starting to gain some thigh and neck rolls. Emmy gained a whopping 22 oz in two weeks at her last appointment! She loves to eat. However, she is such a fast eater that its giving her some gas issues. Poor baby.

    -TMI? But I also have a super fast/forceful let down when she eats and her little bitty booty just can’t keep up at this age. We have tried all of these acrobatic new nursing positions & keep her elevated for a while after eating. It has all seemed to help!

    -She had a random 5 hour screaming fit a couple days ago that was AWFUL. No one wants to see their baby in pain and not be able to fix it. So I took her to the chiropractor, got some gripe water, started probiotics, and even tried that nifty Windi product that basically forces gas out of their booty hole. As for me, I cut out dairy in my diet to see if it will help her. Im still not convinced that diet affects a nursing baby to that extent but whatev. I actually got a lot of advice on what NOT to eat while nursing and it left me with a diet of crackers, water, and fruit hahha. Soooooo unrealistic and silly if you ask me.

    -Her big brother worships the ground she…lays on… he is getting those wonderful two year molars and has been a BEAR to everyone except her!

    -Big sister is a little mother and is extremely helpful with baby Emmy while giving lots of smooches.


    Terrible mother alert: I still don’t have a baby book or announcements done for her yet!! Any recommendations would be super helpful!!


    I promise I won’t bore you with the details of each and every month of our lives going forward! Just wanted to update friends and family who we haven’t seen/talked to in a month!


    xx BP


    I’m just gonna leave these right here….





  • Birth Story // Emmy

    Im back and it feels so good!

    After about a month of emotions & having a newborn #momlife, I am ready to blog and be myself again!

    Let’s start with February 27th around 3pm….

    I went to the doc to see what the heck was going on and why I was 6 days over my due date with my third babe. I was uncomfortable, emotional, tired, and ready to meet my boy/girl 🙂 My doc told me my cervix was completely thinned out & that baby was so low in my pelvis that my actual cervical opening was BEHIND the baby’s head. Meaning they could not strip my membranes. I could give birth at any moment if I would just contract, which I wasn’t.  I had so much anxiety about getting induced because i have heard basically every horror story about it. So when my doc suggested I get induced the next morning I couldn’t help but cry and feel like my body had failed me. I knew baby was getting bigger by the minute and healthy enough to be here but i couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by that decision. I felt like I was making God’s decision for Him because the baby should come in His perfect timing. I made the appointment for my induction at 6am the next morning and went home to discuss with the hubby. I prayed and prayed I would feel some peace about it all when I got to him. Of course my hubby talked some sense into me and made me feel safe, which he always does and we decided that at 6am we would head to the hospital as scheduled.

    Surprisingly I got a decent night’s sleep, drank a protein smoothie and away we went. I was oddly calm & at peace. Upon arriving to the hospital I had this erie feeling. My previous deliveries were very rushed and chaotic. With my daughter I went into labor exactly a week overdue, labored 12 hours and she was here. With my son, I started having contractions and he was here in 6 hours-very quick and such a whirlwind. But with this baby I felt like everything was so evenly paced, planned, and just out of body to me. The nurse basically told me to get naked and get my pitocin going. I wanted to start out very very slow and our nurse was great and listened to everything I wanted. An hour later the doc came in to check me and said he could break my water right then. I didn’t want to go from 0-60 so fast so I opted to contract for a little while longer. After about four hours total I was in quite a bit of pain and asked for my epidural. They then broke my water & about 30 minutes later I was ready to deliver! I pushed about three times and Miss Emmy was born February 28th at 2:47pm! My hubby was the first to announce “ITS A GIRL!” & we were so so happy to see how healthy and sweet she is. God made her so so perfect. She came out nursing and wanting her mama immediately.

    We wanted to get out of the hospital asap once they did all the necessary tests on Emmy so that she could meet her big sister and big brother at home! They were instantly obsessed with her!

    Moral of the story: God always provides and keeps his promises. My anxiety and stress was met with calm & a beautiful birth story. I am so so thankful for our healthy baby girl!

  • 39 Week Pregnancy Update

    pregnancy fashion

    shoes | jeans | tunic | cardigan

    So I’m actually 39 weeks and 4 days preggo at this point….

    FEELING: Large. heavy. uncomfortable. Our last baby was already here at this point in gestation (38w4d) so I am more than ready to meet this little peanut!

    WHAT THE DOC SAID: So I’m actually pretty disappointed in the OB practice I picked. It all started out great until they announced their practice is “going their separate ways” starting March 1. My personal OB is GREAT but I’m stuck seeing other doctors and practitioners due to the schedule changes. I was told I had to see a ARNP for my 39 week check up because my doc was delivering at that time. I had planned to get my membranes stripped that morning and thought I was good to go until she told me she “couldn’t reach my cervix”?! (TMI maybe). I was told the opposite last week which was frustrating. She said Im still dilated 2cm and 70% effaced this time. Basically no change WAHHHH. Next check is Tuesday MY BIRTHDAY-so baby and I may be sharing a birthday.

    ILLNESS: Jameson contracted a cold last Sunday at church and gave it to the hubby who had to MUCH worse. He’s had sinus pressure, cough and all sorts of junk going on. We are considering it a blessing that baby isn’t here yet to get all of those nasty germs.

    CRAVINGS: Girl scout cookies- I NEED MORE NOW. So good.

    BIG SISSY: Lost her first tooth today- She had a Valentines Day sucker last week which made her front bottom tooth loose. Brother gave her a headbutt to the mouth today & with some twisting and turning (&tears) out it came! Guess all of that sugar and red food dye was a good thing for once….. (You will never hear me say that again).

    LITTLE BRO: He spent this whole week outside enjoying the 70 degree weather. By the end of each day he’s covered in dirt & smells like a puppy dog. He’s in heaven.

    STRESS RELIEF: My mother in law is here to help with the kiddos when I go into labor which is a HUGE stress relief for me. Thanks Ma K!

    Anyone else considering changing OB docs this late in the game??

    xx BP

  • What Is In My Hospital Bag-Momma & Baby Essentials

    whats in my hospital bag


    Here’s a sneaky peak at what I have packed in my hospital bag for baby #3! 9 days to go! I may have procrastinated a little but hey third baby probs right? I feel like I packed all the essentials-nothing more-nothing less. Third time’s a charm 😉

    • Rumina nursing bra-his can be used as a regular ‘ol nursing bra but its magical because it doubles as a hands free pumping bra. WIN!
    • Belly Bandit waist trainer– I’ve read hundreds of reviews on this thing & have decided I want to use a waist trainer after this baby to get my hip shape back and work on my lower back and ab support. There’s enough relaxin in your body postpartum that your body is much easier to “shape”. Review coming soon! 😉
    • Camo joggers– Because I’ll need something comfy to go home in 🙂
    • Loose fitting long sleeve top– Again, comfy, and easy to nurse in.
    • My fuzzy socks– Sounds silly but I’ve worn these socks when I gave birth to both babies and I just like ’em okay? Also, I can’t stand being barefoot anywhere but home especially during childbirth hah.
    • Dry shampoo– My favorite dry shampoo ever!! No grease, white powder, or flakey crud.
    • My favorite shampoo and conditioner– Because its just really nice to take a shower using your OWN goods. You deserve it momma!
    • Lavender roll on- Because childbirth….
    • My silky robe- I feel weird wearing those hospital gowns. Its nice to have your own robe for sure. (I got mine a while ago but this one is very similar)

    There’s really not much else you need for a typical hospital stay with bebe. You’ll be half naked most of the time you’re there with all the “checks”, tests, nursing etc. No need for real clothes until you’re ready to get out of there. Now for the sweet stuff….

    • My plain white Aden & Anais swaddle blanket– I love how the white looks in pictures. Naked baby skin and white blankey-can’t get much sweeter than that!
    • Honest healing balm– A must have in all situations.
    • Baby fleece Zutano booties-THESE ARE EVERYTHING. They’re cute and other regular newborn socks never ever stay on!
    • Organic sleeper onesies– Looooove sleepers. All of my babies live in these for their first couple months. Make sure to bring extra just in case there are any mishaps 🙂
    • A hat or two to keep baby’s head warm and cozy.
    • Swaddle-Not to be confused with a swaddle blanket. This one is designed to make sure you’re not constantly re-doing that complicated swaddle fold. Velcro and done.

    I’m also going to bring along my Boppy pillow so that the older siblings have something to use when they meet their brother or sister 🙂 I don’t use a nursing pillow but this is GREAT to have for kids/guests when they are holding your new little.

    More advice: Use the hospital’s diapers, wipes (for you and babe) 😉 pacifiers, and pumps. There’s no need to bring all of that luggage and they have everything on hand for you. USE IT! Some hospitals even give you hats, blankets, & a diaper bag to take!


    –DON’T FORGET– If you’re shopping online don’t forget to first click on EBATES to get your 2-10% cash back on ALL purchases! Easy.



    What are some of your newborn favorites?? Please share!



    xx BP

  • 38 Week Pregnancy Update

    Dressing this bump has been somewhat of a CHALLENGE this week- leggings and sweatpants are what ive been living in. it was actually warm enough this past weekend for me to bust out my maxi dress! black is also my best friend right about now 🙂

    OTK boots | tunic | vest | leggings | purse (similar, you may be able to still get my exact in store)

    Dress | Necklace (similar) (similar) | Boots | Cardigan (similar)

    *Don’t forget to use EBATES when shopping online-I have yet to come across a merchant that doesn’t give you cash back with your purchases!*

    The last month just seems to crawl by at a snails pace! Baby is gaining about a half of a pound per week/one ounce per day. Pretty amazing!

    Baby is 7 pounds, about 20 inches long and the size of a leek (whatever that is).

    What I’m craving: Anything that doesn’t give me severe heartburn or indigestion. Mostly cereal. I crave apples but theres something about apples that make me even hungrier?! I have also been drinking gallons and gallons of water.

    —Heartburn and indigestion tip: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – I take a shot of this every single day, sometimes multiple times. It helps balance out the acid in your stomach so you don’t over produce stomach acid that rises resulting in heartburn. Pretty neat! Make sure the brand you purchase has “the mother” in it, it’ll say so on the bottle. Wish I would have known about this my first two pregnancies. I’m very conscious about food dyes and artificial ingredients that are in over the counter antacids and chose to avoid them.

    Feeling: Very uncomfortable. I had some contractions this past week that were about 20 minutes apart! My husband drove home from Indianapolis because we thought I was headed into labor. Nope. ISN’T it funny how babies show signs of their personality in the whomb? 🙂 Since that night I have been feeling a lot of pressure and tailbone pain with some random contractions.

    I go to the chiropractor every week (I have been going regularly this pregnancy) and it helps immensely! My chiro is certified in prenatal and newborn care and is so informative. She informed me that this babe is posterior (facing forward, head down) which explains my tail bone pain. Baby’s spine is basically resting on my spine which will result in some pretty intense back labor if I can’t get him/her to turn around soon.

    sleep: I have actually been sleeping 6-7 hours at night despite being so front heavy. some days i’ll take a 30 minute nap when JAMESon takes his nap.

    –I highly recommend a good ‘ol fashion body pillow for some extra support-I got mine at Target for $10. I’ve never tried any fancy pregnancy pillows.

    –Lavender essential oil has helped me relax as well, I use this one. I will buy the roll on first and then refill it using sweet almond oil and about ten drops of lavender so i have an already diluted bottle handy. We love roll on essential oils in this house!

    –If you know a good doula that you trust-pick their brain for ideas on easing discomfort that comes with being 9 months pregnant. I got some great tips from Valerie, a friend in Georgia who is a wealth of info, check out her website! She suggested that I soak in epsom salt baths at night-this has helped with the tightness in my back IMMENSELY. Take magnesium Calm before bed-(this also helps with regularity). I’m working on getting this babe to turn around so she also suggested I do some “cat/cow yoga stretches”. Fingers crossed!

    what the doc said: I am currently dilated 2 cm and 60% effaced (Tmi?)

    –Apparently my cervix is pretty soft which means my labor will probably be quick, again. With Jameson it was about six hours-talk about panic mode. Ive been extremely anxious about the timing of this baby arriving and the logistics-getting kids situated and making sure hubby is in town.

    –Has anyone ever had their membranes stripped around 39 weeks?? I’ve been leaning towards doing it again. With Jameson we did it around 38w4d and he came within a couple hours!

    the siblings:

    -Brilynn is continuing business as usual, enjoying kindergarten and her music theatre classes. She has been extremely argumentative these days and im wondering if this is just a phase? Any tips on how to combat this behavior would be much appreciated!!

    –Jameson has no idea what about to happen haha. He has been learning A LOT and growing so fast. He kisses and loves on “baby in moms tummy”. The terrible two “No” phase is upon us and it may put me into labor. HELP.

    i cannot wait to meet this little peanut and am so excited to find out if its a he or she! im ready for some newborn snuggles for sure.
    p.s. I love hearing birthing stories and other mommies experiences with pregnancy so please share yours!!


    xx BP


    Some links in this post I receive compensation for-at no cost to my readers of course 🙂 Opinions of the products are 100% my own.

  • 2017 Reflection On Being a Better Mom

    What am I doing? Why is she/he acting like that? Am I doing something wrong? Ugh I'm the worst mom ever. Sound familiar? We all let the enemy into our thought process and end up doubting ourselves daily. I know I do.

    TRUTH: you are not a failure. God put these kids in your life for a reason and He makes no mistakes. Give yourself a little grace today. be encouraged by the realizations that I have been reflecting on this month as i attempt this mom of three thing:

    My first realization was that my kids are not a direct reflection of me. They are their own little unique human. They are sinners just like you and I. They are a mixture of their momma, their daddy, and whatever God puts inside there to create a beautiful human being I truthfully don’t understand. They will make many MANY mistakes, they are learning, & they are children.

    -We are going to cut back on TV time. I know the stigma now is to “let things go” and “take that break” & thats fine, but it doesn’t work with my children. Yes, I let them watch Elmo or Barbie while I get ready to leave the house in the morning or have a 30 minute task that has to get done right now and nothing else will entertain them. However, if the TV time lasts over an hour, their brains start to deteriorate and they act tired, grumpy, mean & just flat out naughty. Its almost like the TV sucked the imagination & process to think for themselves right out of their bodies. We also don’t have cable so they have to chose a show on Netflix which means NO COMMERCIALS and when the show is over, its over! I remember all of the commercials we watched as kids and wanted every single THING we saw. I am so glad my kids don’t have to watch commercials. P.S. We don’t allow any TV before big sister leaves for school in the morning because it was a huge distraction for her, created a lot of arguments, yelling, whining, & just over all chaos. This has worked WONDERS for my sanity in our morning routine I highly recommend it. here are a few shows i do let my kids watch (mom approved by me)

    1. Story Bots on Netflix
    2. Beat Bugs on Netflix
    3. Curious George the series on PBS
    4. Daniel Tigers Neighborhood on PBS (more so my 2 year old)
    5. Sesame Street on PBS
    6. Clifford the big red dog or puppy days
    7. Disney movies (because I love to watch them heh)

    -I am going to start “time-blocking” instead of multitasking. It’s funny, in most of my moms groups lately we have all been talking about this topic-how to be more present with our children. Lately I have been anxious and stressed out, which leads me to be short tempered and not nice to the three people I love the most. I had been praying and reflecting on why I had been feeling this way because I desperately want to enjoy this time with my children at home. I then learned the concept of blocking out time to do one specific task and get it done from start to finish in an alloted period of time.

    THIS. IS. HARD.  I have always been a multitasker. I could juggle slinging snacks while talking to my husband while starting a load of laundry while cooking dinner. But this way of “momming” doesn’t make me happy and it doesn’t make my family happy. I was/am mentally over loaded all the time. I have implemented my new strategy this past week and am already seeing a difference in my kids and my attitude. For example I tell Brilynn, “Mommy can play five games of Guess Who with you and then I have to go do some laundry.” I schedule out my time with her (OFF MY PHONE) and then move on to the next task. Her love tank is full because she got some undivided attention and I can still mentally check things off my to do list.

    -Speaking of being OFF MY PHONE… I’m going to make an effort to put my phone down for most of the day. No more mindless Facebook scrolling. Its insane how much time I spend on my phone for no apparent reason. Its pretty sad when my two year old sees my phone in the other room and immediately he will bring it to me like he knows my phone needs to be in my hands. Talk about self reflection….

    -Use positive reinforcement. Its so hard not to get caught up in what my kids are not doing or what they are doing wrong that I forget to tell them what they’re doing right and using positive reinforcement to boost their confidence.

    -Think about how I want my kids to see me as a mom. Sheesh laweesh what a hard question to answer. I want to be a fun mom! I want to be the mom that is attentive and plays with her kids. I want them to know that I love them unconditionally forever and always. That their mom loves God and they can see God in me. I want them to know how much of a blessing they are to me. I want them to make mistakes and learn from them. I want them to know they can talk to me about anything. I want to always be honest with them and teach them how important it is to always be truthful. Simply, I want them to say “my mom is kind, gentle, and she loves me.”


    baby number three



    What are some of the mom reflections you want to remember to have a great year with your kids?


    xx BP

  • Bump Date 36 Weeks

    36 weeks! Down to the last month!!!!

    So whats your guess? Is baby P3 a boy or a girl? Whenever we ask Jameson what he thinks he ALWAYS says the latter of the two whichever you say last. Brilynn wants a little sister so bad Im afraid she might be temporarily devastated if its another little brother. This will be short lived as I know and have seen her love for babies. We are really excited to meet this little miracle!

    Baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce: (I always wonder why they compare baby size to food)

    Baby is approximately 18.5 inches long and 6 pounds! My back and hips definitely agree.

    Cravings: cereal, orange juice, oranges-I haven’t really had any “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” cravings this pregnancy. Lately I’ve only been able to eat very small amounts of food at a time to avoid indigestion and heartburn :/ Thank you Jesus for apple cider vinegar and ginger!!

    Missing: my red wine and buttoning my pants for sure. Really looking forward to wearing my pre baby clothes again & that vino!

    Feeling: Anxious, Ive had a really hard time sleeping lately or getting any rest. I force myself to lay down but can’t even nap most days! Must be my body’s way of preparing me for sleep deprivation.

    Im trying to MAKE time to just enjoy the rest of this pregnancy by spending alone time with Jameson, making fewer plans to leave the house, and just sit in the silence and stillness (rare). Before Jameson was born I got to spend 4 years of alone time with Brilynn which was GREAT. Poor Jameson is getting the short end of the stick this time around but since Brilynn has been in school full time we have really been able to bond since August.

    Ive had to let a lot of things go that typically give me major anxiety-crumbs on the floor, Jameson licking toys at the doctors office, Brilynn wearing semi-matching clothes, snacks for lunch, & third day hair- thank you dry shampoo!

    I may have started “nesting” but its been a challenge since we are currently moving all the kids to different rooms. Brilynn’s room is almost done, we have Jameson’s room painted and SHIPLAP-ed!! and the nursery is prepped for paint! Pics coming soon 🙂

    xo BP

  • Baby Sprinkle

    Can I just say that the best gender neutral color on earth is WHITE? I love love love me some white. My sister did an amazing job putting together my “sprinkle” this weekend!

    It seems as though the more babies you have, the smaller your friendship circle gets- but the friends get even better. I am overwhelmed with THANKFULNESS. truly.

    I honestly wasn’t even expecting to have a shower considering this is my third babe, but my sister is sweet and amazing and offered to throw a “sprinkle”. Do you think all pregnancies deserve a shower or sprinkle? Im so curious what you all have done with yours??

    #maternity #babyshower

    My dress is from Free People but is currently sold out 🙁 I linked a few similar I love 🙂


    xo BP








  • My top 10 most used baby items

    With this being my third baby, I have tried numerous products through trial and error (basically the summary of parenting). So I created a list of items that have been absolutely necessary for survival with three kiddos under 6.

    1. DOHM white noise machine : This thing is a gem. My sister in law told me about this when we were having a hard time keeping our oldest quiet during nap times. It drowns out noise going on in the rest of the house without being too loud. You can adjust the sound volume too. P.S. These do go on sale for about $35 a couple times a year. If you’re one of the lucky ones SNAG IT.


    2. Ergo 360 : I adore this and used it from when my son was 10 pounds to about 20 weeks of pregnancy with my next baby (He was about 30 pounds). I felt as though it was comfortable on my shoulders and lower back with its thick padding. I love how I can snuggle baby chest to chest and then turn them around when they get a little older. Love my little baby backpack as well 🙂

    baby carrier

    3. Rock n’ Play Sleeper : I have no idea how any mom can live without this. My babies slept in this for at least the first three months of their lives. It makes nursing so much easier having this right by your bed! They also make one that SELF ROCKS now. Amazing.

    4. DockAToT : For use when baby can’t roll around yet. Its like a safety cloud for baby to take a little cat nap or when you need to set baby down to help the older ones! For a limited time you can get $10 off HERE!









    5. Aden + Anais burp cloth/bib : I love the fabric of these! They don’t trap that spit up smell after you wash them and you get double the use as a bib!

    6. Honest healing balm : This stuff is the balm (heheh). But seriously you can use it for anything and everything. I’ve used it for sore booty, cradle cap, heat rash, dry lips, face, hands, feet, legs (get it?) K. Some people use coconut oil but I feel like this absorbs better? And it lasts a long time. I even used this as rash cream with my cloth diapers and never noticed any staining or absorbency issues after.

    We also use the Honest diaper service where they deliver diapers and wipes right to your door! They often offer promotions for up to 40% off your first bundle. Awesome deal. Their diapers feature cute prints, are eco friendly, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

    7. Britax B-ready stroller : If you plan to have more than one child this is the stroller that’ll last you through them all! You can add a tandem seat to the back, switch the front seat around and attach an infant carrier to it. So many options. It’s easy for me to fold and maneuver too. WIN.

    8. Nursing bras and a good pump : Even if you don’t plan to nurse long term, these two will help a sister out. Your boobs get huge and they HURT so having a soft nursing bra like this or this does wonders. Also, many insurance companies now offer FREE breast pumps with your new bundle of joy so why not take advantage? It really helps alleviate any discomfort you feel in the first couple of weeks/you can stock up some perfect food for your babe- I use Medela  because thats what my insurance covered and had great success!

    9. Some sort of soft wrap type baby carrier : Solly wrap or NuRoo concept. I use these before baby grows into the Ergo 360. These are ESSENTIAL if you have two or more children. It enables baby to be close but you have two hands to use at the same time. Im going to get a NuRoo this time around for sure! They didn’t have them when I gave birth to my son but I wish they did. The concept is awesome. Its a shirt/carrier for newborns with easy access to food 😉

    10. Summer Infant baby monitor : Can I just point out how lucky we are to be able to view our children while we lay in our beds in comfort? Long gone are the days running back and forth risking waking up our ticking time bombs. I registered for another camera so I can still monitor my two year old at all times because Motorola allows you to view multiple kids on one screen! I still have extreme paranoia in the early weeks but thats usually why baby sleeps near us then. Speaking of, has anyone used the new Owlet or something similar?? Im so curious to know how you like/dislike them?


    So there you have it! Products I can’t live without. Please comment with any baby products you love! I love learning about new products!

    xoxo BP


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