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    lip sense review

    I’m wearing the Cappuccino color in this photo



    Okay so there’s a TOOOONNNN of talk about this new LipSense gig. What is it? What makes it one of this seasons most talked about products?

    TRUTH: It took me a very long time to actually try this stuff because- usually if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    • If applied properly, this lip color actually stays on for about 16 hours!
    • If you have minimal natural  lip color like me, you can look fab with little to no effort every single day
    • It’s easy to apply
    • They have an abundance of colors which means they have plenty of options for every skin color & season
    • You can mix colors to make your own pretty shades
    • They have multiple different glosses or “finishes” if you will, so you can customize your lip look
    • You support small businesses owned by mostly women when you make a purchase!


    • Is it practical to have lip color on even while you’re sleeping? Probably not. I really only need something that lasts me about 6-8 hours but whatev.
    • It isn’t super cheap 😐
    • You can’t go buy it at a local store and they sell out of colors really fast so if you see one you LOVE you  better jump  on it!
    • There is a one week period that your lips have to get used to the product and may seem dry or flakey. This requires some exfoliation. (Which you should do anyway).

    View a video tutorial HERE



  • Lorena Canals // Washable Natural Rug

    Lorena Canals rug


    Streeeeetching out on our new Lorena Canals 100% cotton rug!! Right after I took this she instantly spit up EVERYWHERE-but thats okay because we can just throw the whole thing in the wash! Yep, you heard me right. This whole 5×7 rug can go in my washer which means I can keep it pretty and germ free. LOVE.

    Yes, you read the “natural” correctly ladies & gents. Lorena Canals’ rugs and fabrics are made with all natural dyes, contain no VOCs, are eco friendly & handmade unlike other rugs or carpeting–a perfect product for my nursery!



    lorena canals rug



    (Almost done with the nursery! Reveal coming soon)


    As if this rug couldn’t get any better, a portion of the proceeds support the Sakula project & provides schooling for children in India where it is made.

    This rug is unbelievably soft and will last us a very very long time! There are so many beautiful and unique designs available to fit your style here!




    xx BP


  • Finn & Emma // Organic & eco-safe baby clothing

    organic baby


    finn and emme review


    play gym modern

    (Probably the most adorable play gym on this earth)

    If you know me personally, you already know how important my kids and their health is to me. That is why we steer clear of any harmful chemicals as much as we can in our home! When I heard about Finn + Emma, & their G.O.T.S. certified organic baby clothing and toy line, I had to try them out!

    -I like how thick and buttery soft their organic rompers are and I know they will withstand many washes. I also adore the prints and design-very unique and 100% my style.

    -Their metal snaps are lead/nickel free with real coconut inserts to avoid any skin sensitivities that many babies have.

    -The shape of the rompers accommodate both disposable diapers AND cloth diapers which is AMAZING. Once I switched to cloth diapers with my son, none of his clothes fit him anymore and that was very frustrating.

    -Their cute wooden toys are all made from untreated Indian hardwood and vegetable seed wax- both safe for babies to put in their mouth!

    I love love love that I am able to surround my babies with a safe & non-toxic environment!


    For a limited time you can get 15% off your order of $50 HERE



    xx BP

  • DockATot // Safe co-sleeping

    Call me controversial but I have never been one to co-sleep with any of my babies. The reasons being: A. For me, there was never a safe way to do it. B. I could never live with myself if something were to happen to my baby. C. I just cannot sleep well that way.


    With that said, we decided to try a DockAtot since they preach safe and comfortable co-sleeping & I must say I LOVE IT. I exclusively breastfeed and with a newborn- I do it A LOT throughout the night. My DockATot makes nursing at night a lot easier and safer. When I’m done feeding I can set her in the DockAtot to sleep near me without getting out of bed and can go right back to sleep! I also set her in it during the day when I need to run to the bathroom and don’t have to worry about her rolling off the bed.


    dockatot review


    dockatot review


    dockatot review

    Such a  little sweetie pie 🙂

    A few more perks:

    -The beautiful design goes well with my decor.

    -Its handmade from 100% all natural, breathable cotton so baby doesn’t get too warm or cold.

    -DocATot makes a really neat “Grand” version for toddlers to help with bed transitions & make a cute little reading “boat” for them to lay in.

    I am so happy with my DockATot and I wish they would have had this product when I gave birth to my first two babies! This would have made my life so much easier as a nursing momma!


    For a limited time you can score $10 off your DockATot HERE




    xx BP

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