• 38 Week Pregnancy Update

    Dressing this bump has been somewhat of a CHALLENGE this week- leggings and sweatpants are what ive been living in. it was actually warm enough this past weekend for me to bust out my maxi dress! black is also my best friend right about now 🙂

    OTK boots | tunic | vest | leggings | purse (similar, you may be able to still get my exact in store)

    Dress | Necklace (similar) (similar) | Boots | Cardigan (similar)

    *Don’t forget to use EBATES when shopping online-I have yet to come across a merchant that doesn’t give you cash back with your purchases!*

    The last month just seems to crawl by at a snails pace! Baby is gaining about a half of a pound per week/one ounce per day. Pretty amazing!

    Baby is 7 pounds, about 20 inches long and the size of a leek (whatever that is).

    What I’m craving: Anything that doesn’t give me severe heartburn or indigestion. Mostly cereal. I crave apples but theres something about apples that make me even hungrier?! I have also been drinking gallons and gallons of water.

    —Heartburn and indigestion tip: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – I take a shot of this every single day, sometimes multiple times. It helps balance out the acid in your stomach so you don’t over produce stomach acid that rises resulting in heartburn. Pretty neat! Make sure the brand you purchase has “the mother” in it, it’ll say so on the bottle. Wish I would have known about this my first two pregnancies. I’m very conscious about food dyes and artificial ingredients that are in over the counter antacids and chose to avoid them.

    Feeling: Very uncomfortable. I had some contractions this past week that were about 20 minutes apart! My husband drove home from Indianapolis because we thought I was headed into labor. Nope. ISN’T it funny how babies show signs of their personality in the whomb? 🙂 Since that night I have been feeling a lot of pressure and tailbone pain with some random contractions.

    I go to the chiropractor every week (I have been going regularly this pregnancy) and it helps immensely! My chiro is certified in prenatal and newborn care and is so informative. She informed me that this babe is posterior (facing forward, head down) which explains my tail bone pain. Baby’s spine is basically resting on my spine which will result in some pretty intense back labor if I can’t get him/her to turn around soon.

    sleep: I have actually been sleeping 6-7 hours at night despite being so front heavy. some days i’ll take a 30 minute nap when JAMESon takes his nap.

    –I highly recommend a good ‘ol fashion body pillow for some extra support-I got mine at Target for $10. I’ve never tried any fancy pregnancy pillows.

    –Lavender essential oil has helped me relax as well, I use this one. I will buy the roll on first and then refill it using sweet almond oil and about ten drops of lavender so i have an already diluted bottle handy. We love roll on essential oils in this house!

    –If you know a good doula that you trust-pick their brain for ideas on easing discomfort that comes with being 9 months pregnant. I got some great tips from Valerie, a friend in Georgia who is a wealth of info, check out her website! She suggested that I soak in epsom salt baths at night-this has helped with the tightness in my back IMMENSELY. Take magnesium Calm before bed-(this also helps with regularity). I’m working on getting this babe to turn around so she also suggested I do some “cat/cow yoga stretches”. Fingers crossed!

    what the doc said: I am currently dilated 2 cm and 60% effaced (Tmi?)

    –Apparently my cervix is pretty soft which means my labor will probably be quick, again. With Jameson it was about six hours-talk about panic mode. Ive been extremely anxious about the timing of this baby arriving and the logistics-getting kids situated and making sure hubby is in town.

    –Has anyone ever had their membranes stripped around 39 weeks?? I’ve been leaning towards doing it again. With Jameson we did it around 38w4d and he came within a couple hours!

    the siblings:

    -Brilynn is continuing business as usual, enjoying kindergarten and her music theatre classes. She has been extremely argumentative these days and im wondering if this is just a phase? Any tips on how to combat this behavior would be much appreciated!!

    –Jameson has no idea what about to happen haha. He has been learning A LOT and growing so fast. He kisses and loves on “baby in moms tummy”. The terrible two “No” phase is upon us and it may put me into labor. HELP.

    i cannot wait to meet this little peanut and am so excited to find out if its a he or she! im ready for some newborn snuggles for sure.
    p.s. I love hearing birthing stories and other mommies experiences with pregnancy so please share yours!!


    xx BP


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