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    lip sense review

    I’m wearing the Cappuccino color in this photo



    Okay so there’s a TOOOONNNN of talk about this new LipSense gig. What is it? What makes it one of this seasons most talked about products?

    TRUTH: It took me a very long time to actually try this stuff because- usually if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    • If applied properly, this lip color actually stays on for about 16 hours!
    • If you have minimal natural  lip color like me, you can look fab with little to no effort every single day
    • It’s easy to apply
    • They have an abundance of colors which means they have plenty of options for every skin color & season
    • You can mix colors to make your own pretty shades
    • They have multiple different glosses or “finishes” if you will, so you can customize your lip look
    • You support small businesses owned by mostly women when you make a purchase!


    • Is it practical to have lip color on even while you’re sleeping? Probably not. I really only need something that lasts me about 6-8 hours but whatev.
    • It isn’t super cheap 😐
    • You can’t go buy it at a local store and they sell out of colors really fast so if you see one you LOVE you  better jump  on it!
    • There is a one week period that your lips have to get used to the product and may seem dry or flakey. This requires some exfoliation. (Which you should do anyway).

    View a video tutorial HERE



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