• 39 Week Pregnancy Update

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    So I’m actually 39 weeks and 4 days preggo at this point….

    FEELING: Large. heavy. uncomfortable. Our last baby was already here at this point in gestation (38w4d) so I am more than ready to meet this little peanut!

    WHAT THE DOC SAID: So I’m actually pretty disappointed in the OB practice I picked. It all started out great until they announced their practice is “going their separate ways” starting March 1. My personal OB is GREAT but I’m stuck seeing other doctors and practitioners due to the schedule changes. I was told I had to see a ARNP for my 39 week check up because my doc was delivering at that time. I had planned to get my membranes stripped that morning and thought I was good to go until she told me she “couldn’t reach my cervix”?! (TMI maybe). I was told the opposite last week which was frustrating. She said Im still dilated 2cm and 70% effaced this time. Basically no change WAHHHH. Next check is Tuesday MY BIRTHDAY-so baby and I may be sharing a birthday.

    ILLNESS: Jameson contracted a cold last Sunday at church and gave it to the hubby who had to MUCH worse. He’s had sinus pressure, cough and all sorts of junk going on. We are considering it a blessing that baby isn’t here yet to get all of those nasty germs.

    CRAVINGS: Girl scout cookies- I NEED MORE NOW. So good.

    BIG SISSY: Lost her first tooth today- She had a Valentines Day sucker last week which made her front bottom tooth loose. Brother gave her a headbutt to the mouth today & with some twisting and turning (&tears) out it came! Guess all of that sugar and red food dye was a good thing for once….. (You will never hear me say that again).

    LITTLE BRO: He spent this whole week outside enjoying the 70 degree weather. By the end of each day he’s covered in dirt & smells like a puppy dog. He’s in heaven.

    STRESS RELIEF: My mother in law is here to help with the kiddos when I go into labor which is a HUGE stress relief for me. Thanks Ma K!

    Anyone else considering changing OB docs this late in the game??

    xx BP

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