• Bump Date 36 Weeks

    36 weeks! Down to the last month!!!!

    So whats your guess? Is baby P3 a boy or a girl? Whenever we ask Jameson what he thinks he ALWAYS says the latter of the two whichever you say last. Brilynn wants a little sister so bad Im afraid she might be temporarily devastated if its another little brother. This will be short lived as I know and have seen her love for babies. We are really excited to meet this little miracle!

    Baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce: (I always wonder why they compare baby size to food)

    Baby is approximately 18.5 inches long and 6 pounds! My back and hips definitely agree.

    Cravings: cereal, orange juice, oranges-I haven’t really had any “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” cravings this pregnancy. Lately I’ve only been able to eat very small amounts of food at a time to avoid indigestion and heartburn :/ Thank you Jesus for apple cider vinegar and ginger!!

    Missing: my red wine and buttoning my pants for sure. Really looking forward to wearing my pre baby clothes again & that vino!

    Feeling: Anxious, Ive had a really hard time sleeping lately or getting any rest. I force myself to lay down but can’t even nap most days! Must be my body’s way of preparing me for sleep deprivation.

    Im trying to MAKE time to just enjoy the rest of this pregnancy by spending alone time with Jameson, making fewer plans to leave the house, and just sit in the silence and stillness (rare). Before Jameson was born I got to spend 4 years of alone time with Brilynn which was GREAT. Poor Jameson is getting the short end of the stick this time around but since Brilynn has been in school full time we have really been able to bond since August.

    Ive had to let a lot of things go that typically give me major anxiety-crumbs on the floor, Jameson licking toys at the doctors office, Brilynn wearing semi-matching clothes, snacks for lunch, & third day hair- thank you dry shampoo!

    I may have started “nesting” but its been a challenge since we are currently moving all the kids to different rooms. Brilynn’s room is almost done, we have Jameson’s room painted and SHIPLAP-ed!! and the nursery is prepped for paint! Pics coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo BP

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